Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Trigger Foods

Trigger foods are a touchy issue around dieting. They are foods that you crave when you are stressed or multi-tasking or not paying attention and when you start to eat them, you cannot stop. My trigger food is Crunchy Cheetos (the nuclear orange colored ones.) When I am working on a work related problem or a financial issue, I need something crunchy, and if they are around the house I will reach for the Cheetos and before I know it, a whole bag is gone. In reality I will hunt for any crunchy salty snack when I am in one of these craving moods--so beware Wheat Thins, Tortilla Chips or Popcorn. I am coming. Of course, I feel horrible afterwards. So I don't buy any of that stuff any more. You cannot find it in my house. What are your trigger foods and how do you manage your craviings?


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  2. My trigger foods are soda and fast food. Before this class I would rotate through the fast food restaurants at least 3x a week. It could be 10 o'clock at night and I would jump in my car, drive to McDonald's for a large combo and proceed to devour the entire meal. I had no problem satisfying my cravings in the moment and only felt remorse for my growing size. After going through the first weight loss challenge, I now can say I have no qualms about ordering a salad and enjoying it.