Product Reviews

Every time there is another food scare of salmonella in onions or lettuce, I am so grateful that I have two Aerogarden 7's at home growing the greens that I enjoy year round.  In Wyoming, we have only about 25 consecutive frost free days to grow anything outdoors in the summer.  This fantastic home gardening system makes it possible to grow your greens beyond that short summer.  The company upgraded the water pump systems and has moved to liquid nutrients for the plants from tablets.  I am looking forward to trying some of the new mix and match plant offerings.  The company lowered its garden system and seed kit prices since I bought mine.  You might want to give an Aerogarden a try. The company is offering some super deals right now Buy Any AeroGarden 3 and Save $10 When You Buy Additional Units in the Same Order


Most of us are pretty sedentary.  Many of us work at a desk, in front of a computer, all day.  We sit in our cars on our daily commute, and in front of the television at night.  All that sitting means our muscles, tendons and ligaments aren't very flexible.  One of the very first yoga tapes/DVD's I got years ago was AM/PM yoga, because the workouts are short, but they give you an excellent morning and evening stretch to wake you up and work the knots out after a long day, respectively.  If you are new to yoga, or looking for a way to begin to increase your flexibility, this is a DVD I recommend.

In today's economy, sometimes we want to get a new handbag but have a hard time justifying the full retail price. I love the website Avelle, which used to be called Bag, Borrow and Steal, which offers 1) designer handbag rental services, 2) sales of reconditioned handbags and 3) is willing to buy your old handbags from you.  I think this is a great way to clean out your closet of handbags you don't use anymore and to be able to afford a new handbag much more reasonably.  Check out Avelle for your self, by clicking here.