About the Weight Loss Challenge

The Weight Loss Challenge is a 12 week program, comprised of weekly one hour classes on nutrition, health and well being.  We weigh in every week, we measure every six weeks.  Like the network TV show, at the end of the 12 weeks, we reward the three individuals who lose the most weight as a percentage of their starting weight with CASH PRIZES.

Your registration fee for the 12 week program is $50.00, of which half is deposited into the prize pot for the give-away.  A participant is allowed one excused absence for the 12 weeks, and then must pay $5.00 per missed meeting into the prize pot.  If a participant gains weight on the week to week weigh-ins, that person must contribute a buck a pound, which also goes into the prize pot.  The individual who loses the most inches, but does not qualify in the top three losers, wins all the pound and missed meeting money.

I realize that sometimes it is hard to commit to a change only for yourself, and that money is an excellent motivator.

Here are some comments from prior participants about what they have learned in the Weight Loss Challenge:

"...importance of eating balanced food groups--being conscious of every bite."
"...that after I eat sugar I feel horrible.  I find I eat better and feel better when I stick to good healthy food--protein, vegetables, and water."
"...to eat more protein--check labels--eat first thing in the morning."
"...breakfast cannot be skipped."
"...I need to drink more water."

Things that Weight Loss Challenge Participants Changed in their lives and how they eat:

"...sparkling water instead of diet soda, less sweets, carb snacks and alcohol.  Smaller portions and less dining out and using protein to curb appetite."
"...no soda consumption any more, hardly any fast food.  I find the more water I drink, the more I crave it.  I'm averaging 60oz of water per day."
"...I don't eat everything I want, especially if I have no idea how many calories are in it!  I don't go out to eat egg and bacon breakfasts.  I eat more veggies and fruit."
"My outlook--my eating habits--my attitude about food and mood."

If you are interested in participating in our next Jackson Hole Weight Loss Challenge, which will start in Fall 2010, email me at lisa@jacksonholediet.com, and I will add you to the waiting list.  Having consistent access to the internet and email is an important requirement for this class.