Book Reviews

The series of books written by Michael Rozen and Mehmet Oz are all terrific, easily understandable books about health and wellness.  The one I use most is You Staying Young The Owners Manual for Extending Your Warranty, because it breaks down, in the most simple terms how your body works and why it works that way.  It dispells myths and urban legends, and focuses your time on how to take better care of yourself for the long term.  It is a valuable addition to any library.

One book that I have used frequently in my weight loss classes is Kathy Freston's Quantum Wellness.  I believe that clients benefit from a seasonal cleanse, and while some may choose to do their cleanse with PM/AM tablet combinations, Freston's book highlights a terrific food-based cleanse and gives many excellent reasons why a food cleanse can do more to clear your body of toxins.  I also appreciate the recipes that she includes at the back of the book and the spiritual aspects of confronting why we over eat or eat less than healthfully.  It is a terrific book and an excellent go-to resource for healthy eating.

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