About Jackson Hole Diet

Supporting Healthy Weight Loss and Healthy Living

If you are  looking to lose weight, keep the weight you lost off, or learn how to eat more healthfully, you have come to a good place.  This site is not for Uber-Athletes, but for regular people who are interested in looking and feeling better.  Jackson Hole Diet offers information from the web and other materials to help be more effective in getting on a diet and staying on a diet. 
This site is a companion to the Weight Loss Challenge, a twelve week class I offer a couple times a year.  The first Weight Loss Challenge began in October 2008,  and I have held five classes with a total of 44 participants finishing the classes through the end of March 2010.  Everyone who stuck with the program lost weight.  Cumulatively, the 44 people who finished lost a total of 497 pounds, or an average of 11 pounds per person!  The group lost a total of 445 inches, or about 10 inches per person.  Many of the participants have kept the weight off six months to a year later because of the lifestyle changes they adopted during the class.  The trend indicates that the program works, but I will wait until I have 50 participants finish the course to draw any "statistically significant" conclusions!

Over the last 25 years I have gained and lost well over 100 pounds.  I have tried nearly every diet--good, bad and down right unsafe.  I recently broke a weight plateau that I had been on for several years and am gratified to finally be near my goal weight.  I consider myself pretty knowledgeable, through experience and my own study, but I am not a clinical dietitian or health care provider.  If I don't know the answer to your questions, I will do my best to find someone who does and get it for you.  Feel free to email me at lisa@jacksonholediet.com or post a comment.