Monday, November 30, 2009

Post Thanksgiving Action Plan

Alright, I admit it--I splurged over the holidays. I contributed to every one's delinquency by bringing Rotel and Velveeta cheese dip (yes, with pork sausage) to every party I attended. I barely exercised, and I ate like it was the end of the world, only to get up today with the beginnings of a MUFFIN-TOP! Horrors! So I am back on my Herbalife Healthy Meal shake mix for breakfast and lunch with a healthy balanced dinner. I am also making sure to stay hydrated and drink half my weight in ounces of fluid--mostly water and some tea. And I plan on a long walk every day. I know that if I attack this issue now, I can get the few extra pounds off quickly, before the next round of parties for the Christmas/Hanukkah holidays. Let me know what your holiday action plan is to manage your weight.

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