Saturday, January 7, 2012

Losing Momentum--Too Few Calories and Putting on Weight

My first week on the diet was great!  I was pretty consistently eating 1200-1400 calories and 65-75 grams of protein and I lost 6 pounds in the first week.

Then work got very hectic and I lost my appetite and had a day when I ate under 1000 calories.  As a result, I put a pound back on.  I guess I dropped too far below my metabolic rate, and my body went into starvation mode and held on to everything I ate or drank.

I am now focused on staying in the target range to get my weight loss back on track.  I am also adding some weight training with a kettle bell each day, and drinking more water.  More on that to come in future posts.

Here's my food log since the last post:

Monday: Calories Protein
Brown cow yogurt 150 6
GF International Coffee 70
two egg omelet with cheese 342 19.6
whole grain toast 110 4
tex mex chicken soup 240 12
whole grain toast 110 4
small apple 77
cognac 140
total 1239 45.6
Cheerios with 2% milk 136 6.3
McDonalds double cheeseburger 440 25
Sichuan Pork 450 33
Egg roll 150 4
potato chips 160 2
Total 1336 70.3
Cheerios with 2% milk 136 6.3
egg drop soup 60 1
chicken and shrimp with rice 343 30
ginger ale 145
shepards pie 36 3.6
720 40.9
Brown Cow Yogurt 150 6
Barbeque Chicken Sandwich 480 34
Pesto, Angel Hair and Shrimp 600 25
Ginger Ale 145
Diet Coke 0
Total 1375 65
brown cow yogurt 150 6
BLT on multigrain bread 420 17
Fried Chicken and Mac n Cheese 1020 79
Two Glasses of White Wine 240 0
Total 1830 102
Left over Fried Chicken and Mac N Cheese 510 38
Birds Eye Voila Chicken Alfredo 420 27
two cups Coffee with Milk and Sugar 140 0
Two Glasses of Prosecco 166 0
Total 1236 65


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