Monday, August 2, 2010

Using the Internet for Weight Loss and Dealing with Plateaus

Out of the several good articles I found this week, I would like to point to the one about using on line weight loss tools. Many of you used on line programs in the last WLC to track your food logs and exercise, and it seemed that your diligence paid off with weight loss. I would be interested in hearing from you (by email) if you have continued to use the on line tools and if you have continued to lose weight. Alternatively, if you fell off the wagon from your tools, have you stopped losing weight or gained weight? Please let me know.

The other article I really liked was the one on breaking plateaus. I think all the suggestions, particularly the ones relating to changing your work out or breaking it up into smaller work outs, reminds me of the "muscle confusion" technique of the P90X videos for getting fit faster. Again, if you have feed back on these methods for breaking up plateaus, please let me know with an email or comment.

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