Sunday, October 31, 2010

FDA 3 Diet Drugs 0 or Three Strikes and You Are Out!

The FDA has been busy the last three weeks.  It has recalled one diet pill and turned down approval requests for two others.  All three had scary side effects that made the benefits of taking them questionable. 

 FDA Rejects Arena’s Weight Loss Pill, Citing Tumors in Rats

Abbott Labs Recalls Meridia from Market on Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

FDA Rejects Qnexa

Hmmm, would I trade cancer for weight loss?  Well, once I am on chemotherapy for the tumors I got from a diet pill, I guess I would lose weight!

I had a client a couple years ago whose doctor put her on Meridia.  She complained almost immediately of racing heart symptoms.  No wonder that one got pulled for risk of heart attacks.

Decades ago, my mother went to the doctor for some diet pills.  Those were the days of amphetamines.  She lost a little weight, mostly because she was vacuuming the house at 500 miles per hour.  In the end, she didn't like that feeling of racing through her errands and chores.  No wonder it was called speed.

These recalls and denials are a reminder that there is no easy answer to weight loss.  There is no magic pill.  Even Alli has some creepy side effects.  The best, healthiest and safest way to lose weight is to lower your calorie consumption and raise your exercise level.  Eating healthier foods--less processed food--helps a lot, also.

The last article I found this week compares the cost per pound of different diet methods, from Jenny Craig to Lap bands to the plain old fashioned diet.  Turns out the plain vanilla diet SAVES you month per pound!  Check out that story here.

Cost Per Pound Comparisons of Alternative Weight Loss Methods

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