Saturday, October 2, 2010

Health and Vitality Through Energy Medicine

Article first published as Health and Vitality Through Energy Medicine on Technorati.

Is it possible for the average person to improve his or her health through personal manipulation of acupuncture points?  According to Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine, the answer is an enthusiastic “Yes!”  Presenting as a keynote speaker, along with her partner, David Feinstein, at the Teton Wellness Festival in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Eden described their mission to bring energy medicine to the public, offering tools to help any individual.

For nearly 5000 years the Chinese have been practicing medicine based upon the principles of energy channels, or meridians, and that physical or emotional distress may be treated by opening blockages or disruptions of energy along these meridians within the body.

Eden speaks from experience.  She has multiple sclerosis and at one point in her life, barely walked for two years.  She says that when her doctors told her that she would die of her condition, she gave up on Western medicine and searched for an alternative. Through Touch for Health Kinesiology she recovered fully and now teaches these techniques, and others. 

In a lively, nearly three-hour presentation to over 200 attendees, Eden and Feinstein used members of the audience to demonstrate the physiological impacts of stress, anxiety and overwork in the strength of our bodies, and then taught pressure point practices to relieve these energetic impacts to improve alertness, vitality and strength.
Although Western medicine is critical of Traditional Chinese medicine because clinical assessments of its effectiveness remain elusive and it has been described as pre-scientific.  However, Western medicine has its own limitations in the diagnosis and treatment of many autoimmune diseases and cancer.  Quantum physicists assert that the smallest particles of creation, sub-atomic particles, have both wave-like behaviors of energy and particle attributes of matter.  In that context, to use and adjust the body’s energy to the benefit health and wellbeing and avoid disease would be a remarkable skill.

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