Thursday, September 30, 2010

7th Day of Gluten Free

Last week I read the eye-opening post that Tim Ferriss had on his site about gluten!  I decided to give it up for a while and see how I felt.  I am now on day 7.  Here is a photo of tonight's supper, a giant salad with a steak on top.
The salad was chopped carrots, radishes, green onion and green pepper on leaf lettuce with some low calorie caesar dressing. The steak was herb rubbed and grilled. I found the crunchy veggies satisfying and filling with the steak.

Giving up grains was not too much of a struggle, but I am having a tougher time substituting celery with my peanut butter than the slice of toast I used to rely on for my mid-morning snack.

What is happening without bread or pasta in my life is that I am losing weight.  That part of giving up gluten works.  I don't notice any change in my energy, sleep patterns, digestion by not having it, but Tim's guest shot post indicated I would feel it more when I go back to eating grains.  I will keep you all posted.

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