Monday, September 6, 2010

Meridia, DASH and Jump Start Diets, Sensa and Power Foods

After European regulators banned Meridia for its heart attack and stroke side effects, the FDA announced it would be reviewing the diet pill again this month.  If you are on Meridia and have family or personal risk of heart attack, you may want to suspend using it now.

The NIH has released details of its DASH diet, which lowers high blood pressure and focuses on eating non-processed foods.  I have included a link to the NIH website description of the diet.

I also found a "jump start" diet that, when combined with exercise, can get you motivated and back on track after a summer full of cook-outs and parties.  The diet is the design of the BMC Cycling Team doctor.

You may have seen Sensa advertised on line.  Its premise is that when sprinkled on food, it affects how you smell and makes you less hungry.  Doctor designed and advertised as all natural, it will now be sold in GNC stores.

Finally, there is a story about the top 10 Low Carb Power foods for you to review.  Have a great week!

Meridia Leads to Higher Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke—FDA to Review Drug Again this Month

DASH Diet Plan

Jump starting your diet with this two week diet and exercise from the BMC Cycling Team Doctor

Sensa Goes Retail at GNC Stores

Top Ten Low Carb Power Foods

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