Monday, September 13, 2010

POPs, the FDA and Dr. Oz

I have discussed Kathy Freston's book, Quantum Wellness, in my classes when we review food fasts and cleanses.  I have also written about this book on my Review page on this website.  A critical element of her thesis on food fasting is that it gives the body a break from processed foods that contain artificial chemicals and from meats and dairy that have hormones and antibiotics, which all embed in your fat tissue.  Her point is that regular food cleanses allow these toxins to be released from your system. 

Now a new study from South Korea says that people who lost weight over 10 years seemed to have more of these persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in their blood stream on an ongoing basis than obese people who store toxins in their fat tissue.  So the greater issue would be the amount of chemically processed foods, pesticides, hormones and antibiotics thin and heavy people are consuming that results in the presence of these toxins in their bodies.  The article on the study seems to imply that it is better to stay fat and keep these toxins in your fat molecules than get rid of them. The article also notes that there are no long term studies of the impacts of getting rid of these pollutants or holding on to them.

Personally, I would rather minimize my exposure to these chemicals and hormones through eating more organic foods, cooking my meals from scratch at home, where I can control the salt and additives, and avoiding fast food and packaged convenience foods entirely,

Weight Loss May Cause Industrial Pollutant Release

The FDA is at it again, with new warnings to soft drink manufacturers who are advertising false claims on the benefits of green tea in their products.  I thought it was interesting that the article mentions that companies which received FDA warnings in March still had not revised their labels, so it seems the FDA may have more bark than bite if warnings are not enforced.

The FDA Warns Green Tea Drink Makers Against Health Claims,0,6545244.story

Today, Dr Oz is starting a new weight loss focus called Just 10 Pounds.  He will be highlighting the program on his TV show, radio program, syndicated newspaper column and in the O Magazine.  The attached article talks more about the program in an interview with Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz to Start New Weight Loss Campaign, “Just 10” Pounds Today on his TV Show,FIT-News-Oz08.article

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